Date: 23-12-2011
Topic: - SAS Software
Presenter:- Representatives of SAS Consultancy
SAS is the leader in Business analytics software and services, and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market.
SAS (pronounced "sass", originally Statistical Analysis System) is an integrated system of software products that enables programmers to perform:
• Retrieval, management, and mining
• Report writing and graphics
• Statistical analysis
• Business planning, forecasting, and decision support
• Operations research and project management
• Quality improvement
• Applications development
• Data warehousing (extract, transform, load)
• Platform independent and remote computing
In addition, SAS has many business solutions that enable large-scale software solutions for areas such as IT management, human resource management, financial management, business intelligence, customer relationship management and more.
Various Products of SAS Software are:-
• Analytics
• Business Intelligence
• Customer Intelligence
• Data Management
• Financial Intelligence
• Foundation Tools
• Fraud & Financial Crimes
• Governance, Risk & Compliance
• High-Performance Computing
• Human Capital Intelligence
• IT Management
• On Demand Solutions
• Performance Management
• Risk Management
• Supply Chain Intelligence
• Sustainability Management