Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Now computers will understand and recognize your handwriting

Now computers will understand and recognize your handwriting

Everybody will like to have their handwriting being recognized by their computers. In this project we are going to see that dream of yours coming true, In this project the engineers have designed and implemented a Handwriting Recognition System using a touch screen from a Palm Pilot which is a second generation PDA device that is m125, a black and white TV and a Mega32 microcontroller.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of specifications regarding the built-in LCD on the Palm Pilot, we were unable to reverse engineer the LCD protocol, however, now we are able to understand how the touch screen works after some careful investigations.

The previous project was highly adaptive, which used sophisticated algorithm, it should be able detect any patterns. But in current project, however, we choose to use a simple algorithm, Nearest Neighbourhood Algorithm which is the first algorithms used to determine a solution to the travelling salesman problem. In it, the salesman starts at a random city and repeatedly visits the nearest city until all have been visited. It quickly yields a short tour, but usually not the optimal one. So we use this algorithm as we have very limited amount of time. Thus far it can only recognize simple characters but it is easily extensible. There is no fundamental difference between recognizing a character and any other kind of patterns using our algorithm.

 As far as the source and the origination of the project is concerned, initially it began with automatic speech recognitions in the lab later it was considered as a very bad place for the same purpose since  Mega32 is too slow for full-fledged Fast Fourier Transform algorithm. Then they came across Palm PPP a last year project when they were searching for new ideas, it is a Simon game based on a Palm m125 touch screen. They thought it would be fantastic idea to do handwriting recognition like Graffiti. It requires a touch screen, a novel hardware input device and some smart programming, a perfect combination for a detecting handwriting patterns.
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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Why Our Mind Is the Most Powerful Thing in the Universe

Why Our Mind Is the Most Powerful Thing in the Universe

Looks like Thomas the Tank Engine had the right idea all along. "I think I can" may be the best way to mentally achieve world domination.

According to ASAP Science, each thought we have can actually change the structure and function of our brains. And, no, they don't mean metaphorically; they literally mean thinking that you can do something and being positive about it will alter your brain.

Eventually the power of your thoughts could help you, for example, learn the piano or even increase muscle mass in your body.

Cancel the gym membership now.

And the next time you forget to write that midterm paper just let your professor know you've thought it all up in your noggin — it's pretty much the same.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Thinking in the Deep End

Pass, Fail, Practice

Oh the power of words.

“I’m sorry. You tried and you failed.”

How many times do our kids hear or read these damning, undermining words?

Every time they hand in a paper to be graded, every time they sit a test, every time they raise their hands to answer a question, they are leaving themselves open to either a direct or an implied pass or fail judgment.

Let’s change the culture in the class room.

Let’s make it absolutely clear that we are here to learn, that learning requires risk taking and risk takers are a lot more interested in practicing things, in getting better and better at them, and not so interested in passing or failing.

What would this look like in a classroom?

Teachers ask a lot of questions.

Scenario 1

Teacher asks a question, lots of hands go up.

Student A answers and the teacher says “Thanks John, that’s right.”

What happens here is that student A knows he has ‘passed’, as does everyone else. Everyone else can now stop thinking.

Scenario 2

Teacher asks a question, lots of hands go up.

Student B answers and the teacher says “No, Lizzy, that’s wrong. Does anyone have a different idea?”

What happens here is that Lizzy knows she has failed and has to deal with this and everyone else knows that failure is an option so the risks involved in answering just got higher unless you are sure you are right.

Scenario 3

Teacher asks a question, lots of hands go up.

Student C answers and the teacher says “Thanks Alan. Who else has an idea?”

No judgment. No closing down of thinking because no doors have been closed. No fear of being wrong. Thinking continues.

If the teacher asks a question and withholds judgment, either positive or negative, the thinking will continue and risk taking will continue. Learning has a much better chance of continuing too.

Students do a lot of writing and teachers read what they write.

Grade two have been working hard on spelling patterns. They have been exploring the ‘ph’ digraph and looking for words that contain it. In a writing passage one child spells elephant like this ‘ellephant’.

Scenario 1

The teacher draws a red line through the word, indicating it is incorrectly spelled. The child has failed.

Scenario 2

The teacher places a series of small check marks above the e, the second e, the ph, the a, the n and the t. The teacher circles the ll. The child knows she got six things right but needs to work on one thing. She needs more practice. it’s not a matter of right or wrong, of pass or fail.

Share some of the practices in your classroom that change the culture from a pass/fail culture to a culture of practice.

As my daughter said to me this morning “I never fail, I just practice a lot. Sometimes I didn’t know I was practicing until later!”

Thursday, 11 April 2013

One Entrance Test for Any Engineering College in India

Aspiring engineering students will have to take only one entrance test for admission in any Engineering College; single entrance test concept was proposed by T Ramasami Committee; earlier accepted by NITs & IITs. Recent to nod for the pan India single entrance test are the IIITs (Indian Institutes for Information Technology).

Single entrance test concept is likely to be adopted for the academic session 2013-2014; AIEEE, IITJEE, VITEEE and all other such entrance exams which overloaded aspiring engineering students will be put to rest forever. Over 10,00,000 students are expected to benefit from the proposed common engineering entrance test.

Common entrance test was also proposed for graduate and postgraduate medical courses in India by the medical education regulatory body MCI. But was opposed by states owing reasons related to syllabus and timing; AIIMS & JIPMER too refused to participate as they have said the quality of these colleges are far ahead compared to the rest of the medical colleges and since they are autonomous bodies they have refused to participate.

The scenario is different here first the approval has come from the finest engineering colleges (IITs, NITs and IIITs); there is no choice left for other engineering colleges, what do you think?
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Friday, 5 April 2013

Rejections are the best way to succeed

The fear of being slighted makes even the most confident among us quite shaky, whether it's at work, in the social circle or in a relationship. Jason Comely, who conceived the Rejection Therapy — and now teaches people social skills that helps them turn rejection into an achievement — tells Nona Walia how people can escape the hurt locker.

Were you ever rejected by anyone in your life? It leaves you shattered, demoralized, angry, hurt, dejected — all at once. For some, it may be the gear of social acceptance because they are different; for others it may be the approval of someone they respect, failing which their world turns upside down; for some it may be heartbreak, when the person you love is simply not interested in you. For Jason Comely, a web developer, it was social acceptance. He was never sure how to start a conversation, and obsessed over whether people would like him or not. When he realised this problem was more common than just his experience, he created a social self-help game. A game, where being rejected was the sole winning condition! It's called Rejection Therapy (RT). Today, Comely's therapy has been deemed a 'self-help' hit in the US. Excerpts from an interview:
How can we use rejection as a tool of success?
Testing and failing is how we learn about ourselves and our true capabilities. Rejection is an indicator of courage, effort and the exploration of personal boundaries. People should not view rejection negatively.
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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Is adaptation to ‘Western Culture’ taking away the essence of authentic Indian traditions and customs?

"There is good and bad in every culture. Just take the good and leave out the bad. That way your can have the best of both worlds."

But I guess we all need to do a lot more than just this. We are all in great crises for many reasons and if I am not wrong it’s during the crises that great solutions emerge through discussions, effective communications, stressing on the right things and taking proper actions. Crises give us a glimpse of reality and truth and also the sense of urgency that we have failed due to delusions of grandeur.

There is no true leadership in India. Our so called leaders are greedy, selfish, heartless, sadists, incapable of grappling with existing problems and hungry for power. We need people with heart who can selflessly serve the country while understanding that if the country benefits and prospers, they too will obviously reap the same benefits. A leader should be a person who should be able to set examples understanding that people look upon the leader and most of them follow them. If our first leader was a right person, things would have been different. We all need to do the following:

1) Take a stand against corruption

2) Dowry and Bribe are contagious

2) Stop paying bribes (this especially goes for the people who have money to throw away). Once the authorities get into the trend of taking bribes, they do not spare anyone. All are equal in their eyes when it comes to taking bribes.

3) Rich should stop the pomp and show at the weddings and keep things simple so that people who cannot afford to even get their daughters married are less worried.

4) Why should we blame the Australians for ill-treating when we ourselves do so much injustice by discriminating between caste, culture, rich and poor?

5) We keep our surroundings clean by pushing our waste into others’ surroundings.

There are so many other things that need to be set right and before we proceed or play a blame game again, we actually need to go back to the basics of civic sense, community building, decency, tolerance and acceptance and then complain and or demand for a better nation. We all have to do it, each one of us!!

Monday, 1 April 2013

A Celebrations Of Success

                                         KIIT Convocation 2013..!!

The convocation of KIIT Group of colleges held at the KIIT campus on March 16, 2013 (Saturday) .  2011 & 2012 passed out Students .attend the function and receive their Degree by an eminent educationist/ scientist.