Friday, 20 November 2015

Importance Of Education

Education is an important aspect of student life, a necessity of society and sign of freedom. Education is that, which helps a person to live a better life to show their best by their mind and spirit. It plays a vital role in achieving success and personal growth . The more knowledge we have , the more we grow and develop in life.
Education does not means only to study, get degree with good marks and good salary from the reputed organization . It really means to explore new things which helps to increase knowledge in many fields. An educated person has the ability to express their views clearly and have the capability to differentiate between right and wrong.
The main purpose of getting good education is to become a good citizen for sustaining a successful professional and personal life. Education makes a person right thinker and correct decision maker. It is only the education which helps to make one aware about the social issues of society like corruption, terrorism etc.
Education helps to achieve self-confidence in oneself. Self-confidence helps us in passing all the difficulties that come on the way in fulfilling our aim and makes us capable of communicating with others in a better way. An educated person understand each and everything rather than blindly trust anyone thereby spreading awareness everywhere helping the nation to clear out the darkness with the light of knowledge.
The education is the key for human beings to move up in the world, getting better goals and ultimately succeeding in life. So, Education is necessity of life and no one should be deprived of it.

 There are a lot of organizations to get education, one of the best thing that must be kept in mind is to choose a college which is recognized and reputed. College education inculcates good knowledge opening the world of opportunities. If anyone is searching for best college in Delhi NCR to get quality education that will help in personal & professional grooming introducing strong professionalism, then make a list of all the NCR colleges and do a proper research about their education services offered by them.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Diwali Fest 2015 Celebration By Best Management College

Diwali fest was organized by School Enterprise Challenge 2015 team with great pomp and show at KIIT - Best management college India. Various handmade and creative decorated products were exhibited by the students of our business team. Our business Creative Arts collection contained various items like decorative pots, decorated diyas and gel candles, glass candles, quilled keyrings, earrings, bookmarks and earthen decorated plates. All the students of KIIT GROUP of colleges were the part of his fest. They enjoyed various delicious and mouth watering foods like bhelpuri, coconut water, water balls, dhokla, kachori and Bengali sweets of different stalls. The programme was graced by guests, Chairman Sir, Registrar, Director General, Director, P.R.O, Principal College of Engineering and Management and all faculty members of KIIT GROUP OF COLLEGES. Main attraction of this fest was cultural folk dances. Students’ creativity and management was highly appreciated by all. Sale of various stalls on this occasion was around 50,700 Indian Rupees. It was really a wonderful fest everyone enjoyed a lot.

Diwali Fest 2015 Celebration - KIIT

Monday, 2 November 2015

Workshop Conducted by KIIT College On C Programming

Computer Science Department of KIIT College of Engineering conducted a workshop on Developing Computer Skills and Problem Solving Skills using C Programming on 31st October 2015 for B. Tech (CSE) first year students in Smart Class Room No. 344 and Computer Lab. The workshop was started with a welcome address by Dr. Sudhir Kumar Sharma, HOD of  CSE department of  engineering college of Delhi NCR  KIIT .

The first session of the workshop on developing computer skills was conducted by Mr Subodh Kumar (ethical expert) and Mr. Jaideep Bist (Alumni of KIIT) on developing computer skills. The first session of the workshop from 9:15 am to 12:30 pm provided knowledge about the list of tricks to handle virus, how to run android apps on windows, various shortcuts and virus coding in notepad. Moreover the workshop enlightened some latest Android codes and hacking experiences.

 Developing Computer Skills and Problem Solving Skills using C Programming

The second session of the workshop on developing Problem Solving Skills using C Programming from 1:15 pm to 3:45 p pm was conducted by Dr. Sudhir Kumar Sharma. He explained the importance of algorithm for solving computational problem. He explained the concept of structured C programming. Dr. Sharma demonstrated how to draw the basic building blocks of computer graphics like line, circle, rectangle, ellipse, arch and sector using C programming. All participants have explored the computer graphics part in Computers Lab No. 342. The practical session was conducted by Mrs. Santha Devi and Mrs. Shilpa Bahl. It was a great success with the participation of 36 students from B. Tech (CSE) –first year students.