Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Get Excellence In Education At KIIT

KIIT is one of the Top colleges in Gurgaon, which was established with an objective to meet the growing demands of manpower in the emerging fields of engineering and technology that blends fundamentals, research and hands-on experience, with a close social and industrial interface.

We strive to be an internationally recognized technical institute by providing exceptional employment prospects as a result of our commitment to academic excellence, focus on teaching, innovation, research, holistic education and producing socially responsible self-motivated future leaders in their fields of endeavor with a broader understanding of the underlying global issues.

We aim to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among the students in specified domain areas of engineering and management with a major focus on the technology and management principles to prepare them to lead in a menacingly competitive global marketplace by understanding the technological and ethical challenges they will face in a world of accelerating change. We generate knowledge by engaging in cutting-edge research to manage the integration of technology in the areas of engineering management and the management of technology.


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