Wednesday, 29 May 2013

KIIT hosts Young Gandhian Summit for Peace - 2013

Young Gandhian Summit for Peace was organized jointly by Gandhi Global Family and KIIT on 15 April, 2013 in a simple but an impressive jam packed gathering in C.V.Raman Auditorium (Gandhi Sabhagar) at KIIT Campus. Chief Guest on the occasion was Mrs. Kiran Mehra- Kerpelman, Director U.N. Information Centre for India & Bhutan, New Delhi.The guests were formally welcomed by the Chairman Shri B. R. Kamrah Ji, Chief Executive Dr. Harsh Vardhan and the KIIT Registrar Mrs. Neelima V. Kamrah. The Programme commenced  by the lighting of lamp and paying floral tribute to Mahatma Gandhi Ji by Chief Guest Mrs. Kiran Mehra-Kerpelman, and other dignitaries. This was followed by invocation by KIIT students. Dr. S.S. Agrawal, Director General KIIT in his welcome address emphasized on special efforts to inculcate the moral values in students through education. Warmly welcoming the delegates from different States, Officials of Gandhi Global Family (GGF), faculty, staff and students of KIIT Dr. Agrawal gave thebackground of the summit and stressed its importance in the contemporary world.
Padamshri  Shri S. P. Verma, Vice-President, Gandhi Global Family, New Delhi told about the objectives of GGFwith a view to   practicing and spreading the ideology of Gandhi Ji among the youth. He said that there is a need to have freedom from unemployment, social evils, hunger, Gun Culture and state of uncertainty. He also highlighted the activities of GGF in and outside country being undertaken under the able guidance of its President Sh. Ghulam Nabi Azad, Hon’ble Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare. Peace being the central focus he announced several cash prizes for young Gandhians working towards global peace.
The Summit witnessed some interesting and informative paper presentations. Shri Murli Darshan, Chairman, Export Import Institute of India, Hydetrabad presented a paper on ‘Employment’ and said that employment is the major issue today for youth and is recognized as one of the global problems. Development of Youth means development of Nation. He concluded his paper by saying that “if you salute your duty, you need not salute anybody. If you pollute your duty, you need to salute everybody”. Mrs. Zahida Khan, Advisor GGF and a former bureaucrat from J&K also presented a paper entitled “Eradication of Social Evils”. She said that society with less evil is considered as the best society and the social evils are the factors which influence our living conditions and also affect our morals and relations. According to her serving humanity is of paramount importance and young generation can be an agent to eradicate social evils and to serve humanity. This can be done only by the parents who can inculcate the good values among them. She linked humanity with children upbringing, wherein she emphasized the role of parents in socializing their children in conformity with moral values. Mr. Ankush Verma, Peace Activist, Pune presented a paper entitled “Friendship with Neighboring Countries”. He said that friendship is a fundamental prerequisite for regional peace and this this friendship alone will enrich the mankind for global peace driven by young Gandhians from the grassroots level to the global level. Meanwhile Mr. Ashok Kapoor, State Chairman, Gandhi Global Family, Delhi Branch and Mr. Abdul Majid Malik, President Backward Classes Union threw light on the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi for peace. From student fraternity of KIIT Group of Colleges, Archana student of CSE and Vikas student of ECE  expressed their views on the ‘Status of Girl Child in Today’s Society’ and ‘Impact of Khap Panchayat’ respectively during the Young Gandhian Summit-2013.
While addressing the gathering of Young Gandhians  Mrs. Kerpelman, the Chief Guest appreciated the role of India as the largest contributor in UN peace keeping force. She emphasized that no Nation can live in isolation. Human security manifestly requires trust, understanding and friendship among Nations. For this she stressed on Global partnership among nations. She appreciated the role of GGF & KIIT in taking such global initiative. She emphasized that such initiative is just a drop in ocean, while the challenges are enormous but she reminded that every single step matters. She said that by empowering youth and women, we can empower our tomorrow. Peace development and Human rights are the global agendas today and together we will be able to change the world through mutual cooperation and understanding.
The Director, UN Information Centre for India & Bhutan Mrs. Kiran Mehra – Kerpelman presented young Gandhians of KIIT ‘Merit Scholarships’ amid thunderous applause from the audience.
Mrs. Kiran Mehra-Kerpelman, Director UN Information Centre for India and Bhutan, New Delhi presenting certificate to a Young Gandhian at KIIT, Gurgaon

Mrs. Kiran Mehra-Kerpelman, Director UN Information Centre for India and Bhutan, New Delhi presenting certificate to a Young Gandhian at KIIT, Gurgaon

Mr. Kailash Pati Sharma, Director, Dell International Gurgaon was conferred Mahatma Gandhi Seva Medal for his outstanding contribution towards society in the field of providing employment and technical education to youth.
Eminent Gandhian Sh. B. R. Kamrah Ji, Chairman Vidyapati Sansthan in his presidential address said that we should follow the path of humanity, truth, non-violence and inculcate civic sense among youth. He stressed that all religions lead us to the same God and hence Religion must unite the mankind and not divide in any way.
Prof. M. Sen Gupta, Director, KIIT College of Education proposed a hearty Vote of Thanks. He literally summarized the whole issue into two sentences namely “Sabhi Kuchh Ho Raha Hai, Is Tarakki ke Jamane Mein; Magar Yah Kya Gajab Hai, Admi Insan Nahin Hota”.
Other Prominent dignitaries present on the occasion were Dr. Harsh Vardhan, CEO, KIIT, Ms. Neelima V. Kamrah, Registrar, KIIT, Mr. Mohd. Mehsan Arshad, Advisor GGF Asean, Mr. Prabhu Das Gandamalla, Mohd. Amir Rasheed, Mr. Vijay Sharma, Mr. Daleep Swain and Venit Joy Massi.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

DBMS Workshop(Main) held at KIIT College of Engineering, Gurgaon By IIT Mumbai

A ten (10) day workshop from May 21 to May31 2013 ) has been organised by IIT, Bombay, on DATABASE Management System  in collaboration with MHRD, Govt. Of India at KIIT College of Engineering, Gurgaon. The workshop was inaugurated by Prof. D.B. Pathak & session continued by renowned academician in the field of DBMS Prof. S. Sudhershan. Workshop is being cordinated by Mr. Sharvan Kumar under the guidance of Prof. (Dr.) S. S. Agrawal, (Director General), Ms. Neelima Kamrah (Registrar) & Ms. Kanika Kaur (Centre Coordinator) at KIIT Campus.
The session on DBMS was very informative. The participant from various colleges like WIT, ITM,Ansal, Amity University also attended the workshop. The workshop started with the basics of DBMS, so that everyone is able to visualise the various application based on data base management system and gain detailed knowledge of the subject. Every session was followed by the Quiz on clicker( A real time application for online quiz & Results) that is available on the AKASH tablets provided by IIT Bombay.

At the end of the every session contain assignment that was given to ensure that the concept are clear to all. On second day more deeper concepts on DBMS was taught like queries of SQL and the second half of the session was commenced by the lab session in order to give more practical knowledge.

Monday, 27 May 2013

PLACEMENT WEEK at KIIT College of Education

PLACEMENT WEEK at KIIT College of Education

Resume Writing
KIIT College of Education organized a ‘Placement Week’ from 10th April 2013 with the purpose to train the aspiring pupil teachers who will be seeking jobs immediately after the completion of their training. On the first day, tips for resume writing and covering letter were given by Dr. Neetu Dahiya and Mrs. Rachna Sharma.. Concluding the session Prof. M. Sen Gupta with his presentation on communication skills discussed essentials of effective communication both oral and written. Students enjoyed the presentation and noted down the tips.
The said presentations highlighted on  effective verbal, non-verbal and written communication; format for resume writing, Useful tips for a good resume writing and finally some ideas to successfully face an interview.
Personality  Development.
On the second day a presentation was given by Mr. Raghav Jain and Ms. Anita Sharma from KIIT College of IT & Management on ‘Personality Development’. Dr. Shuchi Sharma and Prof. M.Sen Gupta gave further insight into the personality of teacher as a role model to students..Some research findings about the personality characteristics of a good teacher were also shared.
Article Writing
On the third day of the week , an illustrated  lecture on ‘Article Writing’ was given by Dr. N. K. Aggarwal from KIIT College of Engineering and Mrs. Seema Sharma. They illustrated the concept well with suitable examples. Tips on how Article Writing should be done were given effectively and the closing remarks were given by Prof. M. Sen. Gupta.
The presentations highlighted many time tested ideas about creative writing, professional writing contemporary issues for article writing. The format for writing a research article, a review article, a research report were also discussed at length.
Mock  Interviews and PT Meet.
These were then followed by Sessions of Mock Interviews. The Week culminated into a Parent-Teacher Meet that proved quite fruitful.
Students participated enthusiastically and were benefited by this initiative taken in the interest of the students..