Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Thought Of An Everyday HighSchooler

Thought Of An Everyday HighSchooler

The Spiritual Mind
By the Professor of Mystic Repose

The creation of the spiritual mind

Is the joining of the power of choice with the Supreme mind.

It is the escape from both nature and nurture

Through their embrace.

Attainment of the objective mind is through study of the subjective mind

And the realization of the other, through comparison.

It is the realization of reality.

The realized mind is that which is aware of its subjectivity

And its placement as an other.

The combination of the objective mind and a fully realized mind is the Supreme mind.

Rebellion is the source of freedom

And is the power of choice

When choice is enlightened,

It has escaped nature and nuture

Through the added reflection of the objective mind.

It is the choice not to be nature and nurture.

In addition to choosing between what is

It can also choose what is not.

All three create individuality.

It is the seeing of the picture

From all directions.

Being in the middle of the circle;

The eye is calm.

When choice is not enlightened,

It is the slave of nature and nurture.

It is not the choice of an Individual.

Enlightened choice is the creation of individuality

and return to the inborn nature.

Through this

the spiritual mind is created

It is such

Because it is not of reality.

It is not an existence

Yet it exists.

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