Saturday, 18 May 2013

More than 700 Students from All States and also from other countries will join KIIT - Kamrah Institute Of Information and Technology this Year

* Students from 18 States and two neighbor countries have got admission up till now

Gurgaon:   More than Seven hundred Indian students and also from other countries will join KIIT Gurgaon, this session 2013.  KIIT has now got on its rolls students from 26 states and 2 foreign lands.  In addition to previous students’ enrollment from 20 states, many new students are coming from other states like Andhra, Karnataka, Assam, Jammu And Kashmir, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Still more students from Punjab, Delhi, Haryana Himachal and other States are expected to get themselves enrolled, within a few days. The popular programmes this year among students include Information Technology (IT), Civil Engineering (CE),Mechanical Engineering (ME), Computer Applications, Engineering, Management (MBA,BBA) etc. As this year, the rate of admission of students from all over India is more than the foregoing year; KIIT expects that by the end of the session Institute will see  more students  from all over India as well from Other countries also.

Sharing about preference for KIIT, a fresh student from Andhra, Rattikaran says that she has joined KIIT as it follows a globally relevant curriculum.  Another student, Prince Mohammad from Jammu and Kashmir is of the view that before deciding to join KIIT in Gurgaon; his parents, relatives and him-self had gone for a number of Institutes and University websites, not only of India but of other countries also. However, they all decided unanimously to prefer KIIT in Gurgaon, over all other institutes and universities, for many a reasons; the best being KIIT’s cultural diversity with global understanding.
On this significant admission expansion, KIIT Chairman, Mr. B R Kamrah said: “KIIT always wanted to be a global player. Our Institute’s biggest aim is to maintain its vast cultural diversity. According to my opinion, students learn in their class-rooms and equally learn through interactions and communications outside the class-rooms and this diversity help them to imbibe how to look at similar problems through different perspectives.  No doubt, these large international admissions are laying heavy responsibilities on our shoulders; but, we are still aiming to be further global by pursuing to locate expansion in all over India and Other Countries as well. Moreover, in comparison to the past few years, the interest amongst the foreign students to explore educational opportunities in India has also increased immensely.”  

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