Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Is adaptation to ‘Western Culture’ taking away the essence of authentic Indian traditions and customs?

"There is good and bad in every culture. Just take the good and leave out the bad. That way your can have the best of both worlds."

But I guess we all need to do a lot more than just this. We are all in great crises for many reasons and if I am not wrong it’s during the crises that great solutions emerge through discussions, effective communications, stressing on the right things and taking proper actions. Crises give us a glimpse of reality and truth and also the sense of urgency that we have failed due to delusions of grandeur.

There is no true leadership in India. Our so called leaders are greedy, selfish, heartless, sadists, incapable of grappling with existing problems and hungry for power. We need people with heart who can selflessly serve the country while understanding that if the country benefits and prospers, they too will obviously reap the same benefits. A leader should be a person who should be able to set examples understanding that people look upon the leader and most of them follow them. If our first leader was a right person, things would have been different. We all need to do the following:

1) Take a stand against corruption

2) Dowry and Bribe are contagious

2) Stop paying bribes (this especially goes for the people who have money to throw away). Once the authorities get into the trend of taking bribes, they do not spare anyone. All are equal in their eyes when it comes to taking bribes.

3) Rich should stop the pomp and show at the weddings and keep things simple so that people who cannot afford to even get their daughters married are less worried.

4) Why should we blame the Australians for ill-treating when we ourselves do so much injustice by discriminating between caste, culture, rich and poor?

5) We keep our surroundings clean by pushing our waste into others’ surroundings.

There are so many other things that need to be set right and before we proceed or play a blame game again, we actually need to go back to the basics of civic sense, community building, decency, tolerance and acceptance and then complain and or demand for a better nation. We all have to do it, each one of us!!

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