Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Faculty Development Program - Kamrah Institute of Information Technology

 “Having happy employees is the key to a viable and booming organization”

With this motto KIIT organized ‘Faculty Development Programs’. These FDPs were conducted to boost employees’ morale and efficiency. It included various sessions such as Zumba, CrossFit, Aerobics, Yoga, Power Yoga, Meditation, and other fun activities.
Faculty Development Programs in KIIT
Today, we concluded this session by organizing two activities namely ‘Zumba Dance’ and ‘Musical Four Corners’. First activity was a ‘fun workout’ that included various dance moves. Second part was a fun game. In this activity, four corners were marked. Employees were asked to dance on music and as the music stops they had to reach a corner that they relate most to. Once everyone took their place, a card was picked up from a bowl and whichever card was picked up all those players had to do a dare. All the employees had thoroughly enjoyed and liked the programs.

Special thanks to KIIT and Mrs. Neelima Kamrah for organizing such wonderful and enthusiastic programs for employees. Indeed, these programs were a great step towards creating an emotional connection between the KIIT and its employees. 

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