Monday, 4 April 2016

Industrial Visit To NETWORK BULLS By KIIT Gurgaon

The KIIT College of Engineering organised an Industrial visit to Network Bulls, Gurgaon for 2nd and 3rd year Computer science engineering students.  Networks Bulls is a training organisation which gives guidance & training in the field of networking. It also has world’s largest laboratories open 24x7 to allow access to various networking divisions.
A total of 53 students along with Computer Science HOD, Dr. Sudhir Kumar Sharma, Training & Placement Officer, Mr. Suresh Kumar Mehta & Assistant Professor, Mrs. Santha Devi, visited the organisation & were welcomed by the Network Bulls members.  They were taken into a teaching session by Mr. Damanpreet Singh, working as a training professor in Networking Bulls. The students were taught with the help of PPT. Starting with the basics, Mr. Damanpreet Singh went on to make everyone identify the difference between various network devices & their uses. This entertaining yet informative session attracted everyone & students enjoyed his way of teaching thoroughly.  After an hour of teaching, the students were taken to the labs to get familiar with the environment where they were showed the devices in hand. After a little break, the students got information about the devices & were taken to labs to see & understand the working of these devices.  After the visit, the students were able to identify and tell the differences between various devices.  Also they gained knowledge which will help them in the near future. 

Overall, the theory & Practical sessions were very informative & excellent.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the teachings & were seen to have a keen interest developed in the networking area.

The students of Computer Science department hope to see more such industrial visit in the coming year.

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