Sunday, 2 December 2012

Parents Speak

My daughter Manu Thakur is pursuing the course of Business Administration and is in her last year of graduation. In relation to her admission to this course I visited the KIIT premises for the first time. I found the infrastructure as well as the faculty here as exemplary. The overall body of the system and the excellent discipline of KIIT assured me that my child was in safe hands.

There are many attributes of KIIT which are appreciable. The first and the foremost being the well qualified, highly interactive and supportive faculty and the staff. Secondly, adherence to the pre-requisite of fulfilling the criterion of 75% attendance by the students. This instills regularity and punctuality in them. Also the best part is that the students are alerted and attuned towards a civilized way of living. It may be it in terms of conduct or the sense of dressing. The students look decent in their overall behaviour adding to the glory of KIIT.

I heartily congratulate the management and authorities of KIIT for doing an excellent job. I wish and also envisage that KIIT touches the milestones in the years to come and reaches highest altitudes of good and quality education.

Best of luck !!
Dr.(Mrs.) Chhavi Thakur

Mother of Manu


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