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Lean in Academia

Lean in Academia by Ms. Shelly Gupta & Ms. Jyoti Yadav
Date: 10-12-2011
Topic: - Lean in Academia
Presenter: - Ms. Shelly Gupta & Ms. Jyoti Yadav
Department: - Engineering
The methodology of Lean Software Development is the application of lean manufacturing principles when developing software.Bob Charette, the originator, writes that the measurable goal of Lean development is to build software with one-third the human effort, one-third the development hour and one-third the investment as compared to software being developed using other methodologies.

The Presenters conducted surveys to find out the problems faced by students in developing their projects and how these can be solved by using a methodology already implemented in Software Industries.They introduced a tool called Kanban board which can be used by the students and the faculty to implement the projects successfully.
The conclusions were:

1. Generally, the students lack knowledge of new technologies or methodologies been used successfully in the market. They should be trained as a part of their curriculum on such advancements.
 2. Project team members are not flexible as often it is difficult to make them co-operate and work as teams. However, practicing Agile development empowers the team members to take all decisions themselves, which teaches them to co-operate even against their will.

3. Young developers should be exposed to new and latest technology which provides them a glimpse of the real world scenario.

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