Saturday, 23 March 2013

So Called Engineering Buddy

If you are an engineering student you may relate  it and if not,  I hope you will enjoy reading.
So i finally came to an engineering college, a partial dream come true after 2 years of slogging (+1 for me). What had brought me here,
What i immediately noticed after coming to college was that students were here from different parts of the country having constantly very good ranks in their respective schools but what i also noticed was that  like me most of my colleges had very less interest in electrical or mechanical stuff. What we had learnt in higher secondary level was basically done to secure good marks . We hardly knew our attitude would remain with us throughout. Engineering really means playing with or dismantling different types of things around for the ease of humans, but very few among hundreds had that knack.  But whatever happened we have ended up in an engineering college for “four” unforgettable years of our life .
Students were now getting computers and laptops , we had internet connection in each room to stay updated about the latest technologies but  we were using them  to stay  connected to  friends through various social networking sites. Before we knew our exams were knocking the door, we always had this urge to laugh at people who used to study regularly and call them book worms but just before the exam we realize we were wrong, and the most important thing  is that this realization remained only till the exam time. Thus most of the students who were ex-toppers were seen slogging before exam and praying just to clear exams.
We enjoy all other time in our college except the weeks in which exams are held and we seriously do. Staying away from guardians does provide a lot of freedom.
 would like to end it by making every engineering students remember something…..
till class 10 : ” study till boards after that you can do whatever you want.”
class11-12: “its only 2 years more after that it like picnic in the college, believe me its true!!!
after entering into an engineering college and getting average G.P.A. : “you were not like this, what happened to you,  study hard to get placements if you want to live a happy life”
After almost 2 years , i am still not able to reply  to questions which  ask me what engineering is all about, or what have i learnt till now,Good or Bad i don’t know but we are enjoying each and every moment here , and i suppose that is the most important thing, future will ultimately take its own course of action…..

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